Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to audio products, there is no one who don’t want to consider Bose products. They are the best in terms of sound quality. One of the top name in producing audio products. They are producing audio products since 1986. And every one is familiar with its non compromising high quality sound products. They are providing Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, headphones, car audio systems, home audio systems and many more to its loyal consumers with the best quality sound quality. The main reason which seperates bose sound quality from other brands is that they run intensive research before releasing the product and carry out the intensive product testing standards when it comes to audio products.

Bose is producing quite great Bluetooth speakers. In this post we will mention one of the best models from bose Bluetooth which you can buy.

Bose Soundlink Micro

As this blueooth speakers name suggests, it’s a micro sized Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a single mono speaker. And its size is enough to carry this speaker in your pocket. But don’t worry about the size of speaker, it provides quite impressive sound with clear crisp sound. It has 6 hours of battery life which is not good enough if we compare this speakers to other brands small sized speakers. To get music stream from other devices this speaker comes with a Bluetooth connection.

Bose Soundlink revolve

If you are serious about Bluetooth speakers, and want to purchase a great quality Bluetooth speaker then this speaker should be your bet. It is specially designed for those people who are music lovers and does expect loud and clear crisp music quality from their Bluetooth speakers. It has 12 hours of battery life which quite good enough for this kind of speakers and its size. It has dual channel speakers which produces impressive sound whether it’s a classic music or rock music. They are great in listening. You can take these speaker on the beach or at home as they are water resistant so you wont need to worry about water while enjoying your music playlist on them.

Bose SoundTouch 20

If you are looking for best quality Bluetooth speakers for your home which can produce impressive and loud sound then this one is for you from bose. This speaker is totally designed for home usage as they are not portable and it does not come with a battery inside the. You will need a power socket to run these speakers. They come with a dual channel speakers. And for wireless connectivity you have two options first one is Bluetooth you can stream music on these speakers with Bluetooth pairing. And the second one is wifi connection you can connect these speakers to your home network with wifi. As these speakers are not designed for outdoor usage they are not water resistant. So if you want to listen to the best sounding Bluetooth speakers from bose. Then bose soundtouch 20 is your best bet to buy.

Best UE Bluetooth Speakers

Ultimate Ears is a brand new brand specially focusing on audio products. And which audio brand don’t want to take pie from Bluetooth speakers segment this year. Bluetooth speakers are quite popular these days due to their portability and well performance while getting rid of cables. Every new brand want to make something in this segment for their dear customers. Ultimate Ears also earned this title of producing Bluetooth speakers and earned its popularity by producing great quality audio products. In this post we will discuss best Bluetooth speakers from ultimate ears.

UE Wonderboom

It’s a tiny sized Bluetooth speaker from ultimate ears. It is designed for those people who want to carry their portable speakers in their pockets or have small sized bags to carry portable speakers. They are quite tiny in size. But when you experience these speakers they will make you happy. They come with a 10 hours of battery life which is quite good battery life for a tiny sized portable speakers. It has water resistant feature that means you wont need to worry if you accidently throw some water on this speaker or while you are listening to music outdoors and it starts raining. Don’t worry your speakers wont be damaged with such kind of water accident situation. It has Bluetooth wireless connection to get its audio signals from streaming device. It is packed with a single mono speaker which produces great quality sound.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2

If you are looking for an average Bluetooth speaker, probably a midsize speaker then UE Boom 2 is another great option to choose from while buying a blueooth speaker. It comes with a long lasting 15 hours of battery life that can be enough for a weekend party on a single charge. This speaker does also have feature of water resistant. When this speaker comes to wireless connection it has Bluetooth with nfc feature which promises good quality music streaming. And it also come with a daisy chain which we think is a great feature for portable speaker while using them outdoors.

Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers are high in demand these days. And when you look for the top brands in producing Bluetooth speakers, JBL comes in the list. It’s the most liked brand in audio products. They have been producing all the audio products, you can find great quality headphones, home audio systems, earbuds and many more. JBL worked hard on maintaining the quality of their products that’s the reason people are going for JBL products without having any second thought. Like other audio products JBL is also producing good quality Bluetooth speakers and guess what they are great in demand and people are loving them. All the customers are happy with their purchase from JBL and providing positive reviews.

In this post we will provide you 3 best Bluetooth speakers from JBL.

JBL Clip 2.

If you are looking for smallest portable Bluetooth speaker that can be hung with your belt or you want to carry them in your pockets then jbl clip 2 is the best Bluetooth speaker for you. This small package comes with 8 hours of battery life which is quite low for average portable Bluetooth speakers but when you look at its size you will be amazed that its quite enough battery life for such kind of small speaker. To stream music on this speaker, you get Bluetooth cconnection. And as this speaker is designed to take outdoors it come with water resistant option. So if any one throws water on you while carrying this speaker you wont need to worry about its damage. It has mono channel speaker which provide decent sound quality on the base of its size.


JBL Flip 4

If you are looking for better performance sound quality speaker from JBL, then JBL flip 4 is your best bet. It has 12 hours of battery life which make this speaker in average battery life portable speaker. The speaker is stereo which produce immersive sound. And it has water resistant feature to feel free in the wet weather or enjoying music while near the pool. But water resistant does not mean that you can throw this speaker in a pool. It means that this speaker can on face a splash of water or rainy weather.

JBL Boombox

If you are looking for a powerful Bluetooth speaker then this one is for you. This Bluetooth speaker is powered with best quality speakers which produces amazing sound. It has battery life of 24 hours which is quite impressive timing for a portable speaker. For connecting this speaker to mobile device it has Bluetooth connection. As the name suggests this Bluetooth speaker is designed for the people who want to listen to their music on loud volume.

Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are great invention of this decade. They became popular in no time. These speakers allow us to enjoy our music playlist wherever we go. Whether you want to listen to your classical music playlist or you want to enjoy hip hop music with your friends. Bluetooth speakers are available at your service to make you dance anywhere you want. These Bluetooth speakers can be taken wherever you like them to go with you. They are portable and come with built-in rechargeable battery that can provide you good amount of battery timing. Online stores and electronic stores are flooded with various kind of Bluetooth speaker models and its quite difficult these days to find the perfect speakers for yourself or if you want to gift them to your loved ones. As Bluetooth speakers are being considered perfect gift for Christmas this year. But if you are new one to these Bluetooth speakers and want to buy them for yourself. Then we must inform you that you wont regret having them. In this guide we will try our best to guide the about the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market that can be bought.

Sony XB10
If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is affordable and comes with a premium quality then we vouch for the Sony XB10 bluetooth speaker. It is well designed and comes with a very attractive look. It has battery life of 16 hours which we think is enough for a complete weekend party and average for such kind of portable speakers. For the wireless connectivity it has Bluetooth and NFC too which promises great quality sound. This speaker is also water resistant so splash of water or rain wont harm these speakers and they will keep going after all. If you have used the Sony products we would advise you to try this portable Bluetooth speaker too as it promises to provide you great sound quality. It has 1 channel with 1 passive radiator to produce sound.

Sony SRS XB30
This is the ultraportable speaker with very affordable price. If you are low in budget and looking for something affordable then check out the Sony SRS XB30 Bluetooth speakers. This speaker does come with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity to get stream from your mobile phone or tablet device. It has very good battery life timing of 24 hours which is more than average for portable Bluetooth speakers. Most of the consumers who listen to music in average reported they were able to use this speaker for more than 1 week on a single charge. That tells us how much good battery life it has. So you wont need to bother connecting charging cable to this speaker. This speaker can also charge your mobile phone, yes that’s a great feature. In other words it has functionality of power bank. We hope you are familiar with the term of power bank if not. Then it is a device which can be charged to charge your mobile devices. Its kind of battery back up. So if you run out of mobile phone battery then this device can charge it on the go.
This speaker is water resistant so you wont need to worry about using this speaker near the water. This speaker comes with a great looking daisy chain which is great for ladies. And when we go inside the speaker it has dual passive radiators on 2 channels.

Sony GTKXB90
If you are a party person and looking for a Bluetooth speakers that can shake your party room then this model is best for you. It has very attractive and funky styled design with nice led lightning on it. They are pretty loud as they come with bigger size of speakers inside them. Wireless Functionality is Bluetooth with NFC which promises great music streaming quality. The downside of this speaker is that its not water resistant. You will need to compromise this feature. But if you are looking for some loud speaker then we would give you advise to go with this one. It has 3 tweeters inside it and 2 subwoofers which produces great bass sound. So if you are looking for something loud for your weekend parties then this Bluetooth speaker is the one that you need to buy immediately. Moreover, it comes with 16 hours of battery time which is quite enough for this kind of speakers as louder sound need more power. We think 16 hours of battery life is more than enough for such kind of speaker. We would advise you to use them indoor as they are not water resistant.  if you need more information on portable speakers we suggest you visit this post where information on the best Bluetooth speaker is provided.