Tangible - High Touch Visuals

Berlin, 2008

Art cover for the book Tangible - High Touch Visuals from Die Gestalten Verlag. More images will follow the release of the book in January 2009. More details on www.gestalten.com

About Tangible

Format: 24 x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-232-4
Copyright Gestalten 2008
Release : January 2009

Manifesting creative visions into material objects and spaces is one of the most prominent developments in contemporary design today. Tangible documents how designers are using the stylistic means of graphic design to implement their ideas spatially to create three-dimensional designs, objects and orchestrated spaces. The examples in this book show the unprecedented use of materials and innovative ideas – graphics morph into spatial sculptures, the intangible is made visual through handmade craftsmanship, physical experiences, visual environments and staged spatial installations such as art installations, interiors and architecture as well as urban interventions. Tangible continues the exploration of its trailblazing predecessor Tactile.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Simon Duhamel
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Eve Duhamel and Matthias Hübner